Holding to power. The civil war and the English invasion

With the fight for the succession to the throne of Castile, new forces come into play that contribute to instability in Galicia.

After the death of Berenguel de Landoira, the city of Santiago remained under the rule of Archbishop Martiño Fernández, who granted his nephew the domain of several parishes and sent his troops in support of the campaign of king Afonso XI against the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. The archbishop died to the plague during another military campaign in support of the king: the siege of Algeciras in 1343.

In Santiago, the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the archbishop remained tangible and was rekindled with the designation of a new successor: Pedro V, who wad forced to take refuge in the castle and escape to Noia several times.

A few years later, several abbots and priors of the monasteries of the diocese of Archbishop Gómez Manrique met with at the castle of Rocha Forte requesting support to reclaim the property and rents that were that were taken away from them...

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