Suero Gómez de Toledo

An archbishop murdered at the cathedral gates.

  • Name Suero Gómez de Toledo
  • Century 14th
  • Position Archbishop of Santiago
  • The archbishop of Santiago between 1360 and 1366, with military power. He was murdered at the gates of the cathedral when arriving from A Rocha and in the presence of King Pedro I. Born to a noble Castilian family, he sided with Enrique II de Trastámara in the civil war for the throne of Castile.

    His violent death had to do with the political conflict in the kingdom but also with the social conflicts that had been going on in Santiago for quite some time and which originated in the struggle between the citizens and their lord, the archbishop, for the control of the city.

    An added element to this episode and which will be the source of legends is the fact that among the perpetrators of the killing there were relatives of Alonso Suárez de Deza, the leader of the revolt against the previous archbishop and who had been killed.

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