Roi do Aido

A carter and a servant of the last castellan of Rocha Forte.

  • Name Roi do Aido
  • Century 15th
  • Position Carter
  • A peasant from Santa María de Luou, he lived between the 15th and 16th centuries and deposed in the Tavera vs.Fonseca lawsuit when he was about 80. He was a servant of the last castellan of Rocha Forte and the son of a soldier. He lived the experience of the Great Irmandiño War and could have taken part in it judging by the knowledge displayed in his deposition. As well as a peasant, Roi was a carter and it is very likely that he helped to carry the victuals and the rocks for the catapult that besieged the castle. 

    Carters were key figures for the supply of Santiago. Goods came from the surrounding lands and consisted mainly of agricultural produce but also firewood, stone, fish and salt that were brought from the coast through Padrón or Noia. They negotiated the network of roads that connected Santiago with the villages and fortresses in the domain. They advanced in groups using carts not unlike those traditionally used in Galicia until recently in what was an inefficient and slow system of land transportation.

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