The chapel's mystery

Remains and no visible structure.

According to the witnesses to the Tavera-Fonseca lawsuit, one of the buildings in the fortress was a chapel dedicated to Saint Euphemia. But the document does not mention its precise location or its characteristics. All it is said about it is association to one of the towers of the castle. The Gesta Berengarii indicate that it was at this chapel that the episode with which Berenguel put an end to the Santiago revolt of 1317-1320 occurred: the knifing of the leaders of the revolt, inside the castle when they went to negotiate peace with the prelate

The chapel must have been built by the same stonemasons that worked at the cloisters of the cathedral and the new archbishop’s palace commissioned by Xoán Arias, by mid 13th century. It would have been part of the first building constructed at A Rocha, something which would not be surprising given the residential nature of the castle in its earlier days and the invitation of the archbishop to the canons to share it with him, which would require holding religious activities in the building.

Anything Wrong?